Bill Maher Says Irma Should Destroy Trump, Limbaugh, & Coulter’s Homes For Denying Climate Change

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Опубликовано 10 сентября 2017, 20:16

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Bill Maher Says Irma Should Destroy Trump, Limbaugh, & Coulter’s Homes For Denying Climate Change

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher remarked that it’s “an inconvenient truth” that climate change deniers have houses in the path of Hurricane Irma and members of the audience cheered and applauded the prospect that the deniers’ houses would be destroyed.
Maher said, “This is so interesting, climate change, the deniers all have beach houses in the way…of the storm. Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, the Koch Brothers all have houses that are going to be wiped out, probably. I’m not gloating.”
Maher’s audience then cheered and clapped before he stated, “It’s just an inconvenient truth.”
He added, “But, you know, even though everything that scientists said was going to happen, that the waters were going to get warmer, and it’s going to soup up the storms and that Irma’s the worst storm ever and Harvey was a 500-1 shot and they’ve had three years in a row with 500-1 shots, the right-wingers are still, ‘No, we can’t blame climate change.’ Yes, I agree. My theory is this has something to do with Hillary’s emails. … Rush Limbaugh has been telling his listeners all week that Irma is a liberal hoax to promote their climate change agenda. But then he had to evacuate his house.” Maher then pumped his fists in celebration.

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