5.6 People Evacuated As Irma Passes Through Florida: Our Prayers Are With The People

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5.6 People Evacuated As Irma Passes Through Florida:Our Prayers Are With The People

"I couldn't help but ask where those feelings of solidarity, outrage, and passion had been during the election," a teaser excerpt from the book reads.
The Women's March in January was organized in response to the election of Mr. Trump, and many marchers were Hillary supporters.
Clinton will appear on television to discuss last's year's events and take a book tour covering 15 cities.
Several Democrats are recoiling from the idea of Hillary taking the spotlight again.

“I love Hillary,” said Sen. Al Franken, (MN). “I think she has a right to analyze what happened. But we do have to move on.”
Clinton has dealt out blame to James Comey, Vladimir Putin, low information voters, Netflix, misogynists, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama among others.
“There were plenty of people hoping that I, too, would just disappear,” Clinton writes. “But here I am.”


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