Hillary Clinton Considered "Universal Basic Income" During 2016 Presidential Campaign

Опубликовано 12 сентября 2017, 23:25
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nearly included a policy in her presidential campaign that would have given ordinary citizens regular checks just for being alive.
In her new book "What Happened," and in a recent subsequent interview with Vox Editor-in-Chief Ezra Klein, Clinton explains how she seriously considered including a version of universal basic income — a radical solution to poverty, currently being tested in cities and countries around the world — as one of her platforms in the 2016 US presidential election. Clinton shared, "The Alaska for America idea was really intriguing to me because, in effect, it was to argue that our natural patrimony really does belong to every American," Clinton said she ultimately scrapped the idea because it conflicted too much with her stance on renewable energy, given that Alaska's fund survives primarily because of its extensive oil reserves.

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