Germany: 'We will continuing deporting dangerous criminals' - de Maiziere after Afghan expulsions

Published on 13 Sep 2017, 12:51
The German Minister for the Interior Thomas de Maiziere revealed the details behind the deportation of at least eight men to Afghanistan, stating that the government was committed to deporting those deemed "dangerous", at a press conference in Berlin, Wednesday.

SOT, Thomas de Maiziere, German Interior Minister (German): "Yesterday evening eight male persons were deported from Germany to Afghanistan. They landed this morning in Kabul and were received by the Afghan authorities. Those eight persons come from the federal states Bayern, Hamburg and Nordrhein-Westfalen. They are all men. The repatriations were all carried out for criminal reasons, in one case due to deportation detention."

SOT, Thomas de Maiziere, German Interior Minister (German): "All eight persons were convicted due to serious crimes. These deportations follow the common line discussed by Foreign Minister Gabriel and me. After a preliminary report at the end on July, we remain with the line of deporting dangerous, criminal and persistently non-cooperative persons from Germany to Afghanistan. In the future we will also remain on this line."

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