Don't spill your beer! This Bavarian dirndl will set you back 27k

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Published on 13 Sep 2017, 14:58
SOT, Kinga Mathe, designer of Dirndl (German): "On the left side, that means that you're single. And on the back means that you're widowed. And here in front means that you're a virgin. So in the middle. But the most common is either left or right."

SOT, Kinga Mathe, designer of Dirndl (German): "In order for people to place a lot more worth in quality, not everything [made] en masse, in this disposable society, we want to return to value. Even when the Dirndl, as what we've done this year, which costs 27,000 euros. I know that not everyone can afford it, but it should be a symbol."

SOT, Kinga Mathe, designer of Dirndl (German): "In this dirndl, these jewel buttons can be adjusted individually. The customers can search for their own gold-tone; whether they want yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. The customer can also choose his own figurate stone, there are different ones for the middle. And of course, the surrounding diamonds can also be inserted, and those are available in all colours and in all sizes as well, how much of them will be there depends on the budget. Someone can have their hand on the colour book, so they can completely construct their own dirndl. To select their own colours. So it can be totally individual, according to the customer's wish."

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