The Impossible Presidency with Dr. Jeremi Suri

Published on 13 Sep 2017, 20:47
On September 13, Dr. Jeremi Suri will discuss his new book The Impossible Presidency, due out on September 12 from Basic Books. In the book, Suri charts the rise and fall of the American presidency, from the limited role envisaged by the Founding Fathers to its current status as the most powerful job in the world. He argues that the presidency is a victim of its own success-the vastness of the job makes it almost impossible to fulfill the expectations placed upon it. As managers of the world's largest economy and military, contemporary presidents must react to a truly globalized world in a twenty-four-hour news cycle. There is little room left for bold vision. Suri traces America's disenchantment with our recent presidents to the inevitable mismatch between presidential promises and the structural limitations of the office.
10 hours – 4422:35
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