Trump Talks to Democrats On Tax Reform Bill as Republicans Move Forward Alone

Опубликовано 13 сентября 2017, 23:02
President Donald Trump said on Wednesday the rich might see a hike in taxes as he pursues a major tax overhaul with outreach to Democrats who oppose cutting rates for the wealthy, while Republicans in Congress set a timetable to unveil their plan. The White House and the Republican-led Congress have not put forth a detailed tax plan despite months of talks that have excluded Democrats. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said an outline would be unveiled during the work week beginning Sept. 25, with congressional tax-writing committees crafting detailed legislation in the subsequent weeks. Democrats have criticized the Republican tax overhaul efforts as benefiting mainly the wealthiest Americans. Trump, a real estate mogul, said the rich would not be making gains with the plan, which he said was geared toward providing the largest tax cut ever for the middle class and creating jobs.

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