Owen Jones meets the CWU | 'We're absolutely livid with Royal Mail'

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Опубликовано 21 сентября 2017, 11:02
Royal Mail workers, who are members of the Communication Workers Union, are being balloted for strike action in a dispute over pay and conditions. I went to meet some of the postal workers who are voting yes to industrial action at Royal Mail's Mount Pleasant sorting office and caught up with the general secretary of the CWU, Dave Ward, while I was there.

Royal Mail's full statement:

There are no grounds for industrial action. There is a very good deal on the table.

Alongside Royal Mail’s proposal for the best pension scheme in the industry – and one that compares favourably to other large employers – we are making a very good offer on pay.

Under its proposals, Royal Mail would continue to provide the best pay and terms and conditions in the industry. Many competitors pay around the National Living Wage. Royal Mail pays 45-50% more than this.

We are not proposing to change our core terms and conditions or our commitment to a predominantly permanent workforce . A more flexible and adaptable Royal Mail is the best way to secure as many high quality jobs as possible at the Company now and in the future.

Industrial action – or the threat of it – undermines the trust of our customers. Industrial action makes it harder for Royal Mail to pay for industry leading terms and conditions.

Our strong recommendation is that colleagues vote ‘no’ in the CWU’s ballot.

We remain committed to reaching a negotiated agreement with the CWU on pay and pensions, and other issues we have been discussing.

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