Gov. Christie: I Want To Thank The New York Jets For Helping Fight Addiction

Опубликовано 24 сентября 2017, 16:50

Governor Christie: Every day is a gift from God, today is a really wonderful gift. You’re here because we care about you, and we want you to be part of this solution. You’re here on the first day of the state’s partnership with the Jets to try to make everybody who watches the New York Jets, who roots for the New York Jets to become soldiers in this fight. We want all of you to know that from Mr. Johnson on down through everybody who works on this team they’re committed to being a part of the solution to this problem and they’re inviting you here today because they want you to know this is something they care about, something they think is important and it’s not just the guys who currently work here and currently are on the team. It’s these guys standing behind me, the alums of the Jets, the people who created the Jets history that made you fans in the first place, they’re with us on this too. This is about each other. What kind of country do we want to have as Americans? Are we going to stand up for each other regardless of what challenges we face? Or are we going to judge each other and abandon each other when we’re most in need? You all can be a part of that solution, and it’s a great opportunity and it’s a wonderful moment and so I’ll end by just thanking the Jets for being our partners in this. As soon as we approached them they stepped forward and said yes, we want to be a part of this and that’s really wonderful and it’s going to reach tens of thousands of people in this stadium on the Sundays that they’re here, and hundreds of thousands of more of their fans across New York and New Jersey and all across the country.

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