Governor Christie: This Administration Is Committed To The Health Of The Barnegat Bay

Опубликовано 4 октября 2017, 18:02

Governor Christie: The DEP’s PILOT community is Toms River for the Barnegat Bay Compliance Assistance Program focusing on reducing and better managing storm water runoff into Barnegat Bay. It’s long been, as the Mayor mentioned, a jewel of our state, of our state from an environmental perspective, of our state from a tourism perspective. In fact, it is one of the major contributors to the state’s $44 billion tourism industry. In 2016 alone, Ocean County generated more than $4.6 billion in revenues, including over $600 million in recreational activities, very important to our state’s economy. That is one of the reasons why the long-term restoration in Barnegat Bay has been one of the top priorities of our administration. Today I’m announcing a plan that will actually put this science into action. First, we’ll be providing $20 million in grants to county and local governments, as well as other organizations to address the non-point sources of pollution and other stressors to the Bay. Second, to reduce the amount of nutrients finding their way into the Bay I have directed the DEP to begin developing focused total maximum daily load criteria for nutrients to restore impaired areas of the Bay to a healthy condition. Overall, phase two of our Barnegat Bay recovery plan now will more forward by using what’s been completed or is ongoing from phase one, including restoration of the impaired areas of the Bay to a healthy condition, enhancement of areas on the brink to ensure that they do not become impaired, protection of areas in good health, allowing them to remain healthy and strong, and assessment and ongoing monitoring to determine the efficacy of our actions, reevaluations to gauge progress and make modifications to the strategy as needed. The actions we’re implementing today make clear our long term commitment to the health of the entire Barnegat Bay, and more importantly we’re doing so under our existing authority. There is no legislation required to undertake these actions and we will not burden local governments with additional costs or regulation. What we will do is continue to work as partners with the EPA and with our local and county governments, the Barnegat Bay partnership and other stakeholders within the Barnegat Bay watershed to make sure that the Bay area that is impaired is restored, that the entire Bay is enhanced and protected. Our next step shouldn’t be thought of as a legacy for this administration but as a legacy for our children, our grandchildren, and the millions of people who will benefit from and enjoy this environmental jewel in the years ahead.

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