Indonesia: 'Let's do polygamy!' - Dating app relaunches in Jakarta

Published on 12 Oct 2017, 14:32
Indonesian developer Lindu Pranayama demonstrated his online dating app 'Ayo Poligami', which helps married men seek out additional wives using their smartphones, in Jakarta on Thursday.

SOT, Lindu Pranayama, Developer of 'Ayo Poligami' app (Indonesian): "In the beginning, I used the app to find love as I am still single and I look around for love. Since 2010, many online applications for finding love have been created, whether it's conventional within the Islamic system or not."

SOT, Lindu Pranayama, Developer of 'Ayo Poligami' app (Indonesian): "Polygamy is rising now, but it had mostly failed because there was no consent from the first wife. So the app had mostly failed because of that. This app needs an approval from the first wife if her husband wants to marry another woman."

SOT, Lindu Pranayama, Developer of 'Ayo Poligami' app (Indonesian): "In the beginning of 2017, we launched a polygamy app, which had been used before by single people who want to find their love. Then we developed the app for husbands who want to find more wives with the permission from the first wife. We hadn't found the name for the app until we met with friends. A friend gave me an idea to name it ''"

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