Gov. Christie: This Investment Allows Our Students To Get An Extraordinary Education Here At Home

Опубликовано 12 октября 2017, 20:03

Governor Christie: I want to thank the members of the State Legislature who are here for their support of the Building Our Future Bond Act. It was an idea that the Senate President and I felt very strongly about advocating for, not only with our fellow folks in government but also with the citizens of New Jersey and I’m very proud of the fact that we are the first government in over 25 years to invest in our state colleges and universities and in the decades to come students in New Jersey and their families will benefit from everything that you’re seeing here at TCNJ and at our colleges and universities across this state. This is so important to be able to invest and grow our colleges and universities so our students have the opportunity to stay here at home, not have to leave the state. That brain drain is something that New Jersey really can’t afford, especially in this technological economy that’s becoming more and more reliant upon the STEM education that you see reflected in this $75 million STEM complex. This is the kind of thing that I envisioned when we were doing the kind of huge investment, but this is an investment in New Jersey’s future. This program together put $1.3 billion of State money to work in partnership, in partnership, with our colleges and universities and their private donors and their students and their families. We put $46 million towards the $75 million complex, that means almost $30 million is also coming from TCNJ and from their ability to be able to raise funds and borrow and to be partners with us, that’s really important. There’s no reason for a student who loves this place to consider going any place else. They can be here at TCNJ, get an extraordinary education and not have to worry about whether they’re also being taught by some of the best faculty in the country, with some of the best infrastructure in the country. Our investment in all of this makes that possible. Whether it’s through robotics lab or the computing cluster, whether it’s the biomedical engineering research suite or the mechanical engineering design studio. All those places now have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to be able to have our students learn with the very best that our country has to offer.

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