More Question on Vegas Mystery, 1830

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: More Question on Vegas Mystery, 1830
Synopsis: Last night, Tucker Carlson and good guy, former DC police homicide investigator Ted Williams brought a good deal of skepticism to the latest police version of events about the crime of the year.
This has always been interesting to me and I have not seen anyone else bring this up. We know from the audio tracks that these weapons fired at about 11 rounds per second. That would be 19 seconds of firing if continuous. Gun experts say that there are 250 round magazines for the weapons pictured in the police photos of the crime scene, but only 100 round mags are visible. That means that the shooter had to reload, lengthening the time it would have taken to shoot that many rounds.
Do you think the guard would have just stood there for 25 seconds as automatic weapons fire shredded the door? The point is that the story about 200 rounds sounds preposterous – as does much everything we have been told by the Las Vegas police at this point – that is, since the Sheriff and Under Sheriff suddenly did 180s about having evidence that the shooter had help, had an escape plan and did not want to die.
One other thing. If this guy was such a cold-blooded killer, why did he shoot for the legs of the guard. One other thing, the previous timeline made some sense – that once he had shot the guard – he would have known that the police would certainly be close behind. Yet, this guy who had an escape plan, and did not want to die, then focused all his attention to laying down a withering 2,000 rounds of automatic weapons fire? The entire thing makes no sense, and that’s the reaction both Tucker and Ted Williams display throughout this entire interview.
Well, ok. What do they disagree with? Why is every detail of this story held onto tightly? It’s like pulling teeth to get anything solid – nearly 2 weeks after the crime.

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