Governor Christie: Newark Is Prime Location For Amazon HQ2

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Опубликовано 16 октября 2017, 19:26

Governor Christie: When Amazon announced their HQ2 competition I requested on behalf of the state for Choose New Jersey, our private sector business arm, and the Economic Development Authority to undergo a comprehensive review process of all of the potential applicants to put forward as the host of the new national headquarters for Amazon. And after that comprehensive review, and a lot of really good candidates inside the state, we’re here to announce today that the City of Newark will be advanced as not only the best location for Amazon but the only location for Amazon here in the State of New Jersey. Now, I’m sure other states might approach it differently and might allow for multiple applicants sponsored by the state but Booker and I have always been the same on this we’re not for participation trophies. In every competition there are winners and those who come close but don’t win. Let me be clear on this, Newark was the clear winner of this competition, Newark has earned the state’s support, and I want to thank the Mayor and his team that he put together, they did an extraordinary job putting Newark’s best foot forward. I’m so fully confident that this would amount to one of the most successful endeavors in the history of the state’s economic development activities that we are willing to give $5 billion in tax incentives over 10 years upon the creation of the 50,000 new jobs. Let any state go and try to beat that package along with what we have offered here in Newark. I’m proud that the City of Newark has also stepped up to offer a local property tax abatement that could be worth another $1 billion and would wave its wage tax to make this development happen, which would mean Amazon HQ2 employees in Newark would keep an estimated $1 billion of their hard earned money over 20 years. All of the economic incentives put together, from the city and the state, would realize $7 billion in potential credits against Amazon’s state and city taxes, and still it would be an economic benefit for the state, which the Economic Development Authority estimates at over $9 billion in economic benefit to the State of New Jersey. These two facts are clear: more job creating incentive programs are a proven success for New Jersians and New Jersey business, and Amazon just flat out works and makes sense in New Jersey. In particular, with its thriving regional distribution centers here already, over 13,000 Amazon employees already working here in the State of New Jersey. And where we are here today, at Audible, all growing here in Newark. These EDA. initiatives have worked. This is the last and biggest test for this Administration’s economic policies. We see as we drive around this city, the efforts of Mayor Booker and Mayor Baraka as well as the Legislature and our Administration, you see the growth happening in Newark. You see the new buildings that have been built, the new buildings that are being built right now. You see the increase in retail opportunities. You see the increase in residential opportunities and you see the transformation of the educational system in Newark which is leading to the state returning local control to the city of Newark at the end of this year. All of those things could not have happened without the work of Senator Booker, both as United States Senator and as Mayor, Mayor Baraka as mayor and county executive DiVincenzo. We have all worked together as a team to say that Newark’s renaissance can no longer be talk. It has to be action. And the final crowning achievement of that will be when Newark is named this Spring.

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