Trumpmania, DNC Greed, & Politics as Usual | Episode 114

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Опубликовано 17 октября 2017, 22:24
In this edition of The Humanist Report, we’ll discuss Donald Trump’s odd attacks on individuals within his own party and administration, along with the ramifications of his upcoming inevitable decision to decertify the Iran deal. We’ll also discuss triggered Trumpflakes that couldn’t stand one videogame’s viral marketing strategy. We’ll also talk about the DNC’s refusal to give up donations it accepted from Harvey Weinstein, when the FCC is expected to gut net neutrality, YouTube’s demonetization nonsense, late night comedians like Jimmy Fallon and Bill Maher, Facebook’s insidious plan to takeover the internet, and Bernie Sanders’ plan to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. All of these topics—and more—are discussed right here in this episode. Enjoy the show!

Biden Claims Rich Just as Patriotic as the Poor:
Biden Brags About Hanging Out with Segregationists:
Biden Irritated by Progressives’ Unwillingness to Compromise:
YouTube Allows ABC to Sell Ads on Jimmy Kimmel Separately:
Meet Feinstein’s Primary Challenger:
The Left is Eager for a Feinstein Primary Challenge:
FCC Plans on Gutting Net Neutrality During Holidays:
Trump Plans to Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal:
Why the Assault on the Iran Deal is Illogical:
This is How Much Pence’s Public Hissy Fit Cost Taxpayers:
Trump Mocks Bob Corker’s Height:
Mensa Offers to Host IQ Test for Trump and Tillerson:
NBC News Claims Tillerson Called Trump a Moron:
Democrats Donate Most Contributions from Weinstein:
DNC Taking Heat Over Greed:
Facebook’s Orwellian Plan to Filter the Internet for Poor People is Terrifying:

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