Inside Catalonia’s Battle Over Independence From Spain | Direct From With Dena Takruri - AJ+

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Published on 14 Nov 2017, 21:00
The battle in Catalonia over independence from Spain reached a turning point Oct. 1, after an independence referendum was met with a brutal crackdown by Spanish national police. Since then, Spain has been witnessing the worst constitutional crisis in its recent history. AJ+’s Dena Takruri went to Catalonia to find out what’s driving thousands of Catalans into the streets to either fight for secession from Spain, or demand unity.

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Dena Takruri

Senior Producers:
Shadi Rahimi
Dena Takruri

Melissa Aparicio
Alessandra Ram

Associate Producer:
Kevin Gong

Dariel Medina
Ross Domoney

Jeff Den Broeder

Chia Liu

Brietta Hague
Anna Giralt Gris

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