Judge Moore’s Signature Exposed - a Naked Forgery, 1892

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Опубликовано 18 ноября 2017, 14:55
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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Judge Moore’s Signature Exposed - a Naked Forgery, 1892

Synopsis: The mystery behind the initials D.A. appended to Judge Roy Moore’s signature on his legal decisions have been cleared up. D.A. are the initials of his longtime legal secretary, Delbra Adams. The revelation, which came yesterday crushed Democrat hopes of taking Moore out of the Dec. 12th race to replace Sen. Jeff Sessions’ vacated seat.
Delbra Adams worked for Moore for 13 years. She told Breitbart yesterday that she never saw or experienced any inappropriate conduct towards women.
“I think he’s a good man. I don’t believe any of this…. I never saw anything like that out of him.”
Adams’ initials – D.A. – were mistakenly thought to be a part of Judge Moore’s name by someone amateurishly forging his signature in the high school yearbook of Moore’s latest accuser, Beverly Nelson.
Nelson had a copy of Judge Moore’s signature because incredibly, he was the judge in her divorce, so she naturally had a copy of those divorce papers.

Watch Gloria Allred being grilled about this by a real reporter who somehow became employed at MSNBC:

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