The FAA Can't Stop People From Throwing Live Turkeys Out Of Planes

Опубликовано 19 ноября 2017, 17:15
The Federal Aviation Administration has found no violations with an infamous Arkansas event that involves dropping live turkeys from a plane ― but that may be because no one ever thought they’d need a rule about that. “FAA regulations do not specifically prohibit dropping live animals from aircraft, possibly because the authors of the regulation never anticipated that an explicit prohibition would be necessary,” an FAA spokesman siad. “This does not mean we endorse the practice.” The FAA looked into possible laws or regulations broken during the annual Turkey Trot festival in Yellville, Arkansas. Though the fall festival includes many events, it’s best known for the “turkey drop,” in which live turkeys are dropped from a plane 500 feet in the air. Festivalgoers chase and catch the surviving turkeys. Last year, a dozen turkeys were dropped and two died on impact. This year, several turkeys were dropped and there were no apparent reports of turkey deaths.

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