Retired General Nitpicks Trump, 1906

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Опубликовано 24 ноября 2017, 18:29
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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Retired General Nitpicks Trump, 1906
Synopsis: Leave it to CNN to find an off-the-wall, retired 3-star who wanted to nitpick President Trump’s Thanksgiving message to the American people yesterday.
Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, said the troops don’t care about the fact that Trump lauded the newly-surging American economy.
Surprisingly who came on Fox to defend the President this morning? Geraldo Rivera.
Next to Shepherd Smith, Geraldo is my least favorite Fox reporter, however, we give him his due on this occasion. That was a very heartfelt and correct thing to say.
President Trump is doing his very best to make America Great again and every blowhard in the nation is uses his unusual style to bash him and get their 15 seconds in the spotlight.
I mean, I thought President Obama was a crook and a liar – and even a traitor, but I have never said that amidst that special hush that falls over this great land on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

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