Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency Stored Passwords On Post-Its

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Larry Nassar Attacked In Prison
Опубликовано 17 января 2018, 21:43
It’s bad enough that North Korea continues to pursue its nuclear weapons program and the country is developing missiles capable of delivering those weapons to the United States. Adding fuel to the fire by scaring people to death doesn’t help, which is exactly what Hawaii Emergency Management Agency did when it issued an erroneous warning of impending ballistic missile attack. And apparently, it was a poorly designed system that was behind the faux pas — including passwords stored on Post-it Notes. As Business Insider reports, the terrifying false alarm was the result of “an employee (pushing) the wrong button,” as Hawaii Governor David Ige attested. As a picture posted in an Associated Press story published in July 2017 demonstrates, a Post-it Note stuck on the lower left-hand display contains the system’s password, a real security risk.

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