Hit By Hacker Attack

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Published on 19 Jan 2018, 19:11
On January 16 faced a hacker attack. As a result, our website was temporarily out of service.
The main goal of the attack was to disrupt Southfront’s work on the website. The attack also sought to get data about SouthFront team members and to damage the project’s donation flow in this already complicated period. As you recall, in December, SouthFront collected only 85% of the minimal monthly budget and was forced to reduce the number of produced content during the first week of 2018.
Luckily, it seems that the hackers did not achieve their main objectives. However, there is a chance that the hackers obtained some technical information that can be used to create forgeries or fake news, in an attempt to discredit SouthFront. Meanwhile, the number of phishing attacks aimed at emails of the project and its members have increased exponentially.
We expect that soon SouthFront will face more media and hacker attacks from corporations and interest groups that want to censor independent news outlets and independent coverage of the military and geo-political issues of our time.
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