'No hidden agenda' behind N. Korean inspectors' visit to S. Korea

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Published on 22 Jan 2018, 10:02
北현송월, 서울 방문…'공동합의사항 이행하는 것'

Staying with the topic of the North Korean cultural delegate's visit to the country.
The sudden friendly mode led some to question if the regime has any other agendas in mind.
In short, experts say, 'no.'
Here's Lee Jeong-yeon with their analysis.
The North Korean pop icon and cultural delegate Hyun Song-wol... crossed the heavily fortified border on Sunday for inspections before the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
As per the agreements by the two Koreas in their high-level talks, this is one of several inspections to be carried out in the coming days by both sides... in the North and the South.

It's unusual to say the least... to have high-ranking North Koreans in the South Korean capital. But experts say Hyun's visit has no hidden agenda.

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"There's nothing more to it. The regime is just carrying out what was agreed upon at the talks, checking out technical aspects like sound and seating."

There has been speculation that North Korea could be using this opportunity to get closer to South Korea and isolate the U.S.
Experts say that might be the case, but it's not a concern.

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"The South Korean government understands that the North has this intent. We just need to negotiate in a way that doesn't affect the South Korea-U.S. relationship or violate any sanctions against the regime."

Meanwhile, local media have been reporting on every comment and movement made by Hyon Song-wol since her arrival. To this, experts say it's better to err on the side of 'too much' reporting than 'not enough.'

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"It's important to respect the South Korean people's right to know, but the media also has to refrain from subjective speculation about hidden agendas that could affect the Games."

Support for North Korea's participation in the Games has been far from universal. Some critics have used phrases like "Pyongyang Olympics" to mock the decision to invite the North.
But the expert cautioned the media against provoking further divisions in public opinion... to give the so-called "Peace Olympics" a chance to make permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Lee Jeong-yeon, Arirang News

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