Geostrategic Flashpoint: The Eastern Mediterranean

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Published on 12 Feb 2018, 15:13
The Eastern Mediterranean forms a geostrategic seam between Europe and the Middle East. For over seventy years, the region represented a strategic anchor for the United States, which understood its importance both to strengthening Europe and to limiting instability in the Middle East. Today, the United States and its allies are struggling to adapt a coherent Eastern Mediterranean regional policy that acknowledges dramatically new economic, political, and security realities while ensuring that the region remains transatlantically anchored.To assess regional security challenges and discuss NATO and U.S. Navy operational approaches to the Eastern Mediterranean, we are pleased to host Admiral James G. Foggo, III, commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples; commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe; and commander, U.S. Naval Forces Africa, for a timely conversation. Jon Alterman and Heather Conley will offer reflections and observations on a recently concluded CSIS research project on the Eastern Mediterranean.
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