Bill Gates Says Trump's Policies Impede Efforts To Fight Poverty, Illness, and Hunger

Опубликовано 13 февраля 2018, 15:10
In their latest annual letter about Bill and Melinda Gates' charitable work, the philanthropist duo answered ten of the questions they are most frequently asked. Bill Gates said that while topics range from education to climate change, the question they were asked more than all the other topics combined, was how President Trump's policies were affecting the foundation's work. In the annual letter, Bill Gates responded that proposed cuts to foreign aid would hamper efforts to fight poverty, illness, and hunger abroad. Gates wrote, "These efforts save lives. They also create US jobs. And they make Americans more secure by making poor countries more stable and stopping disease outbreaks before they become pandemics. The world is not a safer place when more people are sick or hungry."

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