South Korea: Koreans enjoy unified ice-hockey match screening

Published on 14 Feb 2018, 16:04
Dozens of Koreans gathered in celebratory spirit to an open screening of the first Unified Korea Olympic women's ice-hockey match on Wednesday in Seoul.

Around 50 second and third generation North Koreans were present at the screening, whose parents and grandparents had immigrated to Japan in the 1940s during the country's colonial rule on the Korean peninsula and had remained there when Korea was divided into two in 1953.

Many attendees were equipped with the Korean Unification Flag and held banners reading "One Korea - Yes". The viewing of the hockey match was followed by vibrant celebrations.

The unified Korean team was formed following an inter-Korean accord reached last month. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that 12 North Korean players would join the 23-player South Korean team.

The Korean women's hockey team has been marked as a thaw in tense bilateral relations between the North and South.

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