Local Government and Communities Committee - 21 February 2018

Опубликовано 21 февраля 2018, 12:11

1. Decision on taking business in private: The Committee will decide whether to take item 5 in private.

2. Small Business Bonus Scheme: The Committee will take evidence from-
Stuart Mackinnon, External Affairs Manager - Scotland, Federation of Small Businesses;
Ian Milton, President, and Alastair Kirkwood, Vice-President, Scottish Assessors' Association;
Marianne Barker, Non-Domestic Rates Policy Manager, Ross Henderson, Assistant Economist, and Marina Curran, Statistician, Scottish Government;
Richard Marsh, Director, 4-consulting.

3. Small Business Bonus Scheme (in private): The Committee will consider the evidence heard earlier in the meeting.

4. Work programme (in private): The Committee will consider its work programme.

5. Human Rights and the Scottish Parliament: The Committee will consider correspondence from the Equalities and Human Rights Committee.

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