~185~ Upcoming Election Fraud, US Used Bio-Weapons, Abusing The Poor

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Опубликовано 3 марта 2018, 1:00
Lee Camp takes a hard look at all of the frauds of the 2016 presidential election and discusses a pipeline in Louisiana that threatens both our ecosystem and water supply. John F. O’Donnell delves into a new Supreme Court case with the potential to cripple public-sector unions, and Natalie McGill files a report on the Trump administration’s new food assistance scam.


Redacted Tonight is a comedy show written and performed by Americans, in America covering American news.


Lawyers For The DNC Argue That Primary Rigging Is Protected By The First Amendment

The long-suppressed official report on US biowarfare in North Korea

Illegal Construction in the Bayous

Janus and Fair Share Fees

The U.S. Already Tested Trump’s Canned Goods Idea On Native Americans. It Was Bad.


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