Judge Says Monsanto DOESN'T Have To Warn Of Cancer

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Опубликовано 10 марта 2018, 14:00
A federal judge last week ruled that Monsanto doesn't have to put a warning label on Roundup to let customers know that the chemicals can cause cancer. This is a big win for Monsanto, but it represents a massive threat to American consumers. Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Peter Mougey discusses this.

Learn more about Roundup dangers here: levinlaw.com/roundup

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Like ruled that Monsanto doesn't have to put a warning label on Round Up to let customers know that the damn chemical will kill them. It will cause cancer, it will cause all kinds of diseases. This is a big win for Monsanto, and it represents a massive threat to American consumers.

Now this judge takes virtually one study. Okay, now full disclosure, I'm handling the cases against Monsanto.


I know the inside of this. The WHO came out and said, now this is a totally independent organization, made up, I think they had 17 of the best epidemiologists and toxicologists in the world look at all of Monsanto's stuff and say, yeah. This stuff probably causes cancer. Now when that happened, you had Monsanto bring in all of their political muscle. They brought in senators, they brought in congressmen, they brought in the White House, they brought in everybody to push back. Especially the EPA and the FDA and the USDA. They were able to capture those organizations.


Pressure. And push back on the WHO, the World Health Organization, saying that this stuff will cause cancer. Now along comes another thing, another study, it's no different. They called it a long term study and we looked at farmers. There are 800 studies out here. 800 studies, that are all a mixed bag of one says it'll cause cancer, another one says it'll cause cell, it'll actually destroy cells in the human body and actually alter DNA. They have all kinds of material out there.

But this judge takes it on himself to say, "Oh gee." This one study, I'm going to say that California, who did the right thing, they had a proposition 65, they said we need to be able to warn people about this stuff causing cancer. And this guy says, "Nah. There's no need to warn."

That to me is what's scariest about this.

Because of this study. It's terrifying.

Is that now a federal judge is going to override a state agency, who's interest is protecting consumers. And thank the Lord for California, because they're usually out in front on these types of issues about disclosure, protecting the consumers. And a federal judge is going to say, "You know what? I know more than you do, state agency."


"All the scientists, all the study you've done. I'll tell you what, while I'm sitting up on the bench, I'm going to go ahead and override the warning." I mean, if a state agency says I want to warn my residents about a carcinogen?


So Monsanto says, my business interest overrides disclosure.

Yeah. Here's what the judge absolutely had to just drive a bulldozer, and just absolute decimate this concept. In medicine and the law, there's something called precautionary measure. And that is you don't want until you have 100% where everybody in the world says, "Yeah, Monsanto's Round Up will cause cancer." I got to tell you something, it will cause cancer. It will cause cancer. And the study, this last study that came out, that says it doesn't, we haven't even started to look, who do they have, doing the report?
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