Scott Walker PROVES How Corrupt He Is, Gets Sued For Suspending Democracy

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Опубликовано 11 марта 2018, 14:30
Scott Walker - the Republican governor of Wisconsin - is being sued by a Democratic-led group for refusing to hold special elections to fill empty state house seats. Walker is afraid that his party is going to lose control of the statehouse if he holds those elections, so he's basically decided to suspend democracy in the state. Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Peter Mougey

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Scott Walker, the Republican Governor of Wisconsin, is being sued by a Democratic leg group for refusing to hold special elections to fill empty State House seats. That's how it's supposed to work. When a special election comes up, they're supposed to call time for the special election. Walker's afraid that his party is gonna lose control of the State House if he holds these elections now, because he's so unpopular.

So he's basically decided to suspend democracy totally in the state. What he's counting on. What is your take on this story? Why would he make such a move?

Well, his thought if pretty obvious. Once the national cycle comes into play and we get these smaller elections into a national cycle, the chances that Trump swoops in and helps bolster up the Republican candidates and he gets his two people in there and fills these seats during a national election, he's trying to maximize that probability. He knows now, if he runs these elections today, right now, that the chances of him losing those elections, by him meaning the Republican party, and putting a couple of Democrats in there, is pretty significant.

So he thinks if he can slow it down, jam on the brakes and stop these kind of odd timing elections from running, he increases the [crosstalk 00:01:13] chance that he keeps control in Wisconsin.

So legally, if you were filing a lawsuit, how would you characterize the lawsuit?

It's called a writ. And a writ forces the government do something that they're obligated to do.

So writ of mandamus.

Exactly. So the writ says, "Hey look, you are required, Governor Walker, to hold this special election. You've got to give these folks, your constituents, they're constitutional right to have representation. You've gotta have 'em and you've gotta have 'em right now." Otherwise, it could be a year, they have no representation and-

[crosstalk 00:01:45] You know, I looked at this story. Yeah, writ of mandamus, people don't realize-

It's powerful.

... they can really shake, they can really shake the House with filing things like writ of prohibition, where you're telling the government, "You can't do that."


Or you're selling the government writ of mandamus, "You're supposed to do that, but you're not doing it," and that's what's happening here. Interestingly, Eric Holder, now you know, the Eric Holder story. I've talked about this so much. Here's a guy that he comes from the most silk stocking defense firm in America. Covington Burling.
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