Many of Trump's Cabinet Members Under Fire Over Excessive Spending

Опубликовано 17 марта 2018, 20:14
Scrutiny over how some members of President Donald Trump's cabinet have spent taxpayer money isn't dying down. The latest official to come under the microscope is Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who was found to have cost taxpayers more than $1 million in combined airfare after taking eight separate government trips during a an eight-month period last year. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a non-profit government watchdog group, obtained documents detailing Mnuchin's travels after filing a Freedom of Information Act request. Here are others who have been criticized for wasteful spending: Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior. Zinke's office spent nearly $139,000 to renovate three sets of office doors allegedly in need of repair. A spokesperson for Zinke later explained the situation and said the secretary was not a part of the decision to authorize the payment. Also, Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Earlier this month, Carson came under fire when his staff reportedly said they were attempting to cancel an order for a $31,000 mahogany dining set to replace the 50-year-old table currently in Carson's office. David Shulkin, Secretary of Veterans Affairs is in trouble as well. The Inspector General released a report in February that implicated Shulkin's chief of staff in "serious derelictions" for doctoring emails to ensure that the government would pay travel expenses for the secretary's wife on a trip to Europe. Finally, Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA. Pruitt regularly spends thousands of taxpayer dollars on domestic and international airfare, staying at upscale hotels, for trips that are often not entirely relevant to his work as a cabinet official.

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