Women are not as divided on #MeToo as it may seem

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Опубликовано 20 марта 2018, 10:00
Vox and Morning Consult conducted a survey to discover how women of all ages feel about the #MeToo movement.

Read the results of the Vox #MeToo survey here:

Women have different views on #MeToo by age, but they still support it: bit.ly/2FQUzkH

Feminism has been structured by different "waves". Learn more about its history here:

Read our growing database of people accused of sexual harassment as part of Me Too: vox.com/a/sexual-harassment-assault-alle...

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The #MeToo movement has rapidly gained support and criticism as more women have come forward to share their experiences. While the media portrays the movement as divided, our research found that women across generations often see eye to eye on issues of sexual harassment and #MeToo in general.

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