Trump's Money: How Much Of It Does He Have, Exactly?

Опубликовано 21 апреля 2018, 1:11
In the 1980's, now-President Donald Trump deceived a Forbes reporter about his personal wealth. According to a new allegation by the reporter, Trump did it in order to make it onto the magazine's Forbes 400 list. Reporter Jonathan Greenberg said Trump, posing as "John Barron," made a roughly $5 million fortune look like $100 million to get on the list. The current Forbes list puts Trump at No. 248 on the 400 list, No. 766 on its billionaires list, and pegs his worth at $3.1 billion. It's a significant drop from the $3.7 billion it reported in 2016. His holdings and earnings from real estate, hotels, golf resorts, and show business are controlled by his sons and a trust while Trump is President. Despite promising to do so should he be elected President, Trump has not kept his promise to make his tax returns public. He also filed an extension for his 2017 taxes, which are now not due until October of 2018.

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