Harvard Student Accused Of Affirmative Action

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Опубликовано 25 апреля 2018, 3:30
Former Texas State Board of Education member George Clayton has apologized for the comment. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. tytnetwork.com/join

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"A former Texas state education official apologized on Monday for questioning if a biracial California high school student’s acceptance to Harvard University was earned through “merit” or to fulfill a “quota.”
George Clayton, a former member of the Texas State Board of Education, apologized for his remarks, saying it was “totally out of character” for him to make such a comment.

“What I said in my remarks was totally wrong and hugely insensitive,” Clayton said in a tweet. “My shame hangs heavy in my heart. It was totally out of character for me to make such a hurtful comment. I am, of course, humbled by my words and sincerely sorry for them.””*

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