Boss moms balance work and family

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“Would I breastfeed in front of customers? What about changing dirty diapers in the store?” These new moms combined work and family and made “Take your child to work day” an everyday occurrence.

YORK, PA -- Walk into the fitting room at Arthur & Daughters on North Beaver Street and you might find a napping 15-month-old named Reed, comfortable in the middle of her post snack-time, afternoon siesta bliss.

Across the street at Revolt Style Studio — a cool, vintage boutique — 4-month-old Arlo is squawking the only tune he knows, sometimes sporting his moose onesie.

Up a few blocks in Royal Square, you'll find Isabella crawling around her mom's art supply shop. She's likely the only 7-month-old in York with her own hashtag (#IzzyWhit). But who's to say?

In York, a cadre of women has found themselves at this intersection of business owner and motherhood. From their businesses, they calculate the day's sales, design clothing lines, interact with customers, post on social media — whatever it takes to run a small business — all while shepherding their children through the day.


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