S. Koreans generally applaud meeting of leaders

Published on 27 Apr 2018, 11:13
남북정상회담을 실시간으로 바라보는 시민들의 반응

Let's turn the spotlight to the general public this time.
Where they stand on the event was made clear when the two leaders from South and North Korea met and shook hands at Panmunjom in the morning.
Thunderous applause and cheers that very moment of contact.
Won Jung-hwan zooms in on how the historic event is perceived by them.
When North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrived at the Military Demarcation Line... between the two blue conference buildings,... he was greeted by a smiling South Korean President Moon Jae-in.
The historic inter-Korean summit between Moon and Kim began with a handshake at around 9:30 a.m.
This was the first time a North Korean leader has stepped on South Korean soil since the end of the Korean War. And that's something seen by many ordinary South Koreans with some emotion.

"I was just passing by the train station, and when I saw the crowd watching the summit live on television,… I was very moved."

"This is all very overwhelming. Unlike the past inter-Korean summits,… watching the North Korean leader crossing the military demarcation line and coming to the South -- I think that has its own significance."

Kim Jong-un was wearing a black Mao-style suit for his debut on live, international television.
Millions of people have been watching the summit proceedings around the world, nowhere perhaps with more interest, though, than here in South Korea.

"I am used to seeing Kim Jong-un through the pre-recorded North Korean clips. But watching him smiling in front of the press,… it feels like he is a different person."

"For the past few years, we had his image of a cold and stubborn person. But seeing the way he said hello to our President Moon Jae-in,… it was quite surprising."

And as the leaders entered the Peace House to start their discussions, people expressed their wishes for a fruitful agreement.

"I hope that denuclearization talks go well through this summit, so that we can contribute to world peace."

"As an outsider, I can't really say much about it. But I do feel that there are definitely strong emotions about two nations wanting to come together, because the people of the two nations in the end are one. So I just hope for the best and that whatever resolution comes, it will be a result that everyone will be happy with"

Under the slogan of "Peace, a new start",… they will continue their talks until this evening when Kim Jong-un heads back North.
It's still too early to guess exactly what kind of agreement will come out of the meeting,... though of particular interest is to what extent it'll differ from previous deals.
For now, in South Korea, public are welcoming the historic summit.
Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.

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