Propagandist Pundits | Episode 140 (April 26, 2018)

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Опубликовано 1 мая 2018, 21:17
In this episode of The Humanist Report we’ll discuss—for the second week in a row—just how incompetent and duplicitous American mainstream media is by spotlighting attacks from old media on progressive political commentators Jimmy Dore and Anoa Changa. Additionally, we’ll talk about how MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid’s anti-Bernie bias is impacting her coverage of the 2020 presidential election, and we’ll look at an even more despicable example of pundit stupidity plaguing Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Also, CNN and MSNBC go after Trump for misspellings… because why go after him where it ACTUALLY matters? Also, MSNBC ran a shameless, propagandist puff piece for their parent company, Comcast. These topics—and more—will be discussed in this addition of THR. Enjoy the show!

Democrats Sue Russia, Trump Campaign, and WikiLeaks:
Why the DNC’s Lawsuit Poses a Serious Threat to Press Freedom:
CNN Attacks Jimmy Dore, Targets YouTube’s Advertisers:
NPR-Affiliate Lobs McCarthyite Smear Against Anoa Chonga:
Read Anoa’s Response to the Smear Against Her:
Hannity Taking Government Money for Real Estate Empire:
Kamala Harris to No Longer Accept Corporate PAC Money:
Democrats Ironically Targeting Republican Corruption for 2018 Messaging:
Bernie Sanders Announces Plan to Guarantee Every American a Job:

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