The "End of Ze World"

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Published on 16 May 2018, 15:30
Hokay, so.

What began as a simple flash video would become one of the earliest viral internet videos ever created. Jason Windsor’s ‘The End of the World’ (or “End of Ze World” as it quickly became known) was never meant to end up on the internet, until Jason discovered someone else posted it to eBaum's World one day in 2003.

Since, it’s made its way to YouTube and around the web, gaining millions of views and creating catchphrases that have become apart of internet slang well before the rise of the hashtag. VICE meets up with Jason to hear his story behind creating ‘The End of the World’ and the sequel 15-years in the making: “End of Ze World.. Probably for Real this Time.”

Ze End!

Watch the original video & the sequel:

End of Ze World - The 2003 ORIGINAL —


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