UK: Royal wedding preparations in full swing

Published on 16 May 2018, 19:29
Windsor is gearing up for this weekend's royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,. The town's residents spoke of their excitement on behalf of the happy couple, during a visit this Wednesday.

Some diehard royal fans have even camped out for days in order to get prime viewing of the wedding procession after the wedding ceremony in St. George's Chapel.

Terry Hutt said Harry's mother Diana, Princess of Wales would be "over the moon" at how her boy had turned out.

Local businesses have been spotted selling Harry and Meghan memorabilia. Among the more creative products for sale is royal wedding-themed fudge - taking inspiration from the lemon and elderberry wedding cake - and a 'Hoppy Ever After' ale.

However, it will not be a joyous occasion for all. Windsor's council leader has ordered that the streets be cleared of rough sleepers, much to the chagrin of Michael Longsmith, the founder of The Ark Project homeless charity.

"The government didn't want to know, the council didn't want to know. So, we've come here as an independent body and charity and we've come here to do our bit for society," he said.

One homeless man called the council's attitude "immoral and illegal".

The wedding between Prince Harry - sixth in line to the throne - and suits star Meghan Markle begins at 12:00 GMT and will be watched by millions world-wide.

Ruptly will be broadcasting live from outside Windsor Castle on the day.

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