“Getai Challenge" Season 2 Episode 5 Trailer

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Published on 17 May 2018, 6:00
答:两位都很帅又很会唱歌! :)


还有,Kacang Puteh Man和Kiam Sng Tee Aunty在摄影棚里发现了一个可疑的包包。他们应该怎么办呢?


Q: What do Ryan Lian and Wang Lei have in common?
A: Both are good-looking and can sing well!

Wanna know who out of the six singers in the “Pending Zone” can successfully make it to the Top 10? Will Ryan Lian be one of them?

Also, Kacang Puteh Man and Kiam Sng Tee Aunty discovered a suspicious bag lying around in the Mediacorp studio. What should they do about it?

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