8 African cities pledge to deliver emissions cuts by 2050

Published on 19 May 2018, 13:46
Africa is sometimes better known for its vulnerability to climate change than its action on the problem. However, a set of African cities intend to change that.Eight cities have pledged this week to deliver their share of emissions cuts needed to meet Paris Agreement targets to limit climate change. That means achieving "zero carbon" city economies by 2050. Any small remaining emissions would be offset by other green actions. Accra, Tshwane, Dar es Salaam, Addis Ababa, Lagos, Dakar, Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg are the cities that have signed the new pledge. Two other cities - Nairobi and Abidjan - are expected to submit their plans to take part soon. Under the new commitments, cities will work to reduce emissions from things such as transport, buildings, energy production and waste management.

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