National Security Advisor Says North Korea's Nukes Should Be Sent To Tennessee

12 дней – 5210:43
Trump Lashes Out At Media...Again
Опубликовано 25 мая 2018, 19:04
According to a report by Business Insider, in the event of North Korea agreeing to a full denuclearization, White House national security adviser John Bolton believes the country's nukes should first be dismantled and then moved to Tennessee. While making an appearance on ABC News Earlier this month, Bolton said that denuclearization "means getting rid of all the nuclear weapons, dismantling them, taking them to Oak Ridge, Tennessee." Business Insider reports that it remains unclear whether Bolton was referring to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the country's biggest multi-program science and technology lab, or the Y-12 National Security Complex, which focuses on the production of nuclear weapons.

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