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Published on 26 May 2018, 18:00
The US House of Representatives has voted to investigate the US role in torture prisons in Yemen - and wants the Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to find out.

The Associated Press say hundreds of men, captured in the hunt for al-Qaida fighters in southern Yemen, disappeared into a secret network of prisons.

And Human Rights Watch found that the United Arab Emirates and its allies detained and tortured hundreds of people in their three-year-war against Houthi rebels. The UAE denies the allegations.

So, have US forces broken the law by torturing suspects during interrogation?

Presenter: Folly bah Thibault

Kristine Beckerle - Yemen & UAE Researcher, Human Rights Watch
Hakim Al Masmari - Editor-in-Chief, Yemen Post
Nabeel Khouri - Former US diplomat & Former Deputy Chief of Mission in Yemen

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