How Bernie is Changing America | Episode 146 (June 7, 2018)

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Опубликовано 13 июня 2018, 0:59
In another jampacked episode of The Humanist Report we’ll talk about Bernie Sanders’ fight for American workers and criminal justice reform, his appearance on Bill Maher, and his recent run-in with Alex Jones at LAX. We’ll also talk about Trump’s assertion that he can pardon himself, and one of his most embarrassing contradictions yet. But that’s not all! We’ll also talk about televangelists, Candace Owens, the Samantha Bee controversy, corporate Democrats, and Gaza. Finally, we’ll close the show by talking with Colorado congressional candidate Levi Tillemann, who recently made national headlines when the 2nd highest ranking Democrat, Steny Hoyer, tried to buIIy him out of the race. Enjoy the show, folks!

Sign the Petition, Tell Tom Perez to Resign:
Watch the Full Clip of Alex Jones Yelling at Bernie Here:
Bernie Sanders Addresses Previous Comment About White Poverty:
Watch the Full Clip of Candace Owens and Joe Rogan Here:
California Senate Passes Net Neutrality Bill:
Franklin Graham Holds Campaign-Esque Rallies in California:
Televangelist Wants His Followers to Buy Him a Private Jet:
Jon Stewart Blames Fake Right-Wing Outrage for Samantha Bee Fallout:
Bernie Sanders Joins BlackLivesMatter in California to Spotlight Mass Incarceration:
Bernie Sanders Rallies with Disney Workers:
Koch Network Helping Heidi Heitkamp Get Elected:
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Bigoted Baker:
Palestinian Medic Shot Dead in Gaza:

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