Apple's Measure App Could Kill The Tape Measure

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Опубликовано 13 июня 2018, 18:34
Apple is launching a new Measure app in iOS 12 in the next few months that will let you size anything with just your iPhone.

You no longer have to go searching for a tape measure while hanging pictures or when trying to determine if a couch will fit in your living room.

I recently tried the new Measure app in Apple's iOS 12 developer beta. It uses the advanced cameras on newer iPhones like the iPhone X, and will presumably work on Apple's new batch of devices coming soon.

Other augmented reality apps — the type that let you interact with the real world through your phone — have been available in the iTunes App Store and for Android phones. But this is the first time Apple has introduced its own version. Here's a preview.
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Apple's Measure App Could Kill The Tape Measure | CNBC
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