Ivanka Trump Does This Pose In Every Photo & Here's What It Means

Опубликовано 14 июня 2018, 14:15
Refinery 29 scrolled through her Instagram, and noticed that she is almost always standing in one pose. Ivanka is almost always with one leg out in a sort of T-shape. What does this betray about Ivanka's inner world? Refinery 29 contacted body language expert Patti Wood to help us understand what the pose means. It makes sense as Ivanka learned the pose when she was a teenage model. Woord says, "It's a pose that you're taught when you go to any training to be a model.” Wood explained that her forward foot and leg are generally further towards the camera than usual. This is her attempt to look stronger, more forceful, more competent. Wood says of her arms, that they are typically at her side, close to her body. This reads as subdued, lacks power, more ladylike. Ivanka’s Instagram photos are always setup, never spontaneous. She’s making that decision, and it does create an image.

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