Iraq War - US Special Forces Heavy Combat Operations In Iraq ** INTENSE**

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Published on 22 Jun 2018, 15:00
Video from the Iraq War shows US Special Forces in heavy urban combat during night-time Special Operations in Sadr City, Iraq that led to the outbreak of heavy clashes and firefights.

Most of the operations conducted in this video aimed to capture high ranked militias in the area of Bagdath.

The most intese part of the video shows an intense night time firefight raid through Sadr city that was recorded during the capture of several insurgents and was held out on an undisclosed date/time during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The mission was interfered after heavy resistance and fighting when two blackhawks were hit during the combat action and no further footage of the operation was declassified due to this.

This video gives an deep look into combat operations held out by special forces in enemy territory and shows very well how fierce the combat in Iraq was during that time.

Sadr City is a suburb district of the city of Baghdad, Iraq that was built in 1959.

Sadr City (or more accurately Thawra District) is one of nine administrative districts in Baghdad. A public housing project neglected by Saddam Hussein, Sadr City holds around 1 million residents.

The suburb was place of heavy fighting during the times of 2003-2008.

Map of Location:
Video Credits:SPC Michael Cox, MC2 Brett Cote and SSG Ryan C.Creel

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