Who Is Trying To Kill The Iran Deal? | AJ+

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Published on 24 Jun 2018, 13:00
The Iran Deal was a diplomatic breakthrough for the international community, but three years after the deal happened the U.S. violated it. How did this happen? And who were the forces that tanked the deal?

Learn more here:

Three Billionaires Paved the Way For Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal

Anti-Iran Deal Groups Are Backed By $145 Million [not higher amount?]

Trump’s Top Donors: Where are They Now?

Presented by: Omar Duwaji
Edited by: Michael Zipkin
Animations by: Chia Liu
Produced by: Kathryn Wheeler, Omar Duwaji
Shot by: Fanny Texier, David Dougherty
Senior Producer: Imaeyen Ibanga
Executive Producer: Sarah Nasr

Music tracks courtesy of Audio Network, West One

Footage and images courtesy of AP, Getty, Reuters and Creative Commons.

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