"Getai Challenge" Season 2 Episode 10

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Published on 25 Jun 2018, 3:46
9强歌手将面对《歌台星力量》的学长学姐进行PK赛。 若唱的比学长学姐好,就能直接晋级。相反的,他们将面对淘汰的命运。 他们会使出什么花招和学长学姐们较量呢?

Kiam Sng Tee Auntie要嫁人了! 但是她搬出去后,她不知道父母应该大屋换小屋,或把屋契卖回给HDB, 让她非常头疼。Kacang Puteh Man会给她什么建议呢?


The remaining 9 contestants face their biggest challenge so far – to compete against the veteran singers from Season 1. If they can outshine their seniors, they can move on to the next round. Otherwise, they might be eliminated. What will they do to outperform their seniors?

Kiam Sng Tee Auntie is planning to get married! She’s in a dilemma over whether her parents should consider the 2-Room Flexi Scheme or the Lease Buyback Scheme after she moves out. How will Kacang Puteh Man advise her?

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