A Canadian Restaurant Refused to Serve a Man Wearing a MAGA Hat

Опубликовано 1 июля 2018, 16:53
Yelp has once again become the home for airing political grievances.
This time, a Canadian restaurant was made the target of negative reviews after the manager asked a man in a “Make America Great Again” hat to leave.
According to the CBC, the restaurant in this incident was the Teahouse in Stanley Park, a popular tourist restaurant.
The business received wave after wave of one-star reviews after manager Darin Hodge refused to serve a man wearing Trump’s signature hat.
Hodge, who had been working at the restaurant for 18 months, was fired over the incident for violating the business’s “philosophy of tolerance.”
Once word got out that a man in a MAGA hat was refused service at a restaurant, the Trump backers showed up in full force to the Teahouse’s Yelp page.
Those who align themselves against Trump also started posting one-star reviews for firing the manager who made the decision to refuse service.
Yelp is now working to remove all of the politically charged reviews.

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