Thailand: Rescue teams gear up to extract 12 trapped boys from cave

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Published on 5 Jul 2018, 19:04
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Emergency workers and military personnel made preparations to remove 12 members of a youth football team and their coach on Thursday, with the squad still trapped in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in northern Thailand's Chiang Rai after two weeks.

Rescue teams were seen moving mud and gravel as well as carrying supplies to the cave as they planned an escape route for the stranded boys. Military troops joined the mission, and were seen marching in single file towards the cave.

Governor of Chiang Rai Narongsak Osatanakon said: "We have connected the phone line. We have connected the cable inside the cave but the line hasn't reached them yet," adding that the measure aims to enable trapped children to communicate with their parents.

The team of 12 boys and their coach entered the famous cave as part of an excursion and became trapped after a sudden, continuous downpour struck the area.

They were found alive after a 10-day operation carried out by Thai forces and international rescue teams.

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